RED Mac Pro sells at $977,000 – Most expensive desktop ever

We recently covered Johny Ive talking simplicity on a TV show; it was really special. What’s more special however is his special product, created jointly with Marc Newson.

We’re talking about the Mac Pro (RED), which was sold at the Sotheby for a whopping $977,000 on Saturday. This price makes this the most expensive desktop computer that was ever created or sold.

Sotheby’s held the auction for (RED) Mac Pro, with an aim to give the proceedings to the Global Fund that aims to combat malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS. The estimates for the auction were between $40,000 and $60,000, but the final bid surpassed all expectations, and previous record holder Apple 1 which was sold for $671,000. 

Apart from this red Mac Pro, other items were also in the sales list such as the Rose Gold Apple Earpods; expected at $25,000 but sold for $461,000, The (RED) Desk; expected at $500,000 but sold for $1,685,000 and the custom Leica Digital Camera; expected at $750,000 but sold for $1,805,000.

For people interested in gadgets like these, there's a $15,000 18-carat gold earbuds here.

The products together managed to raise $13 million in finds. The RED (Global Fund and Product) project is led by Bono, the U2 singer, and Apple has donated $65 million to the campaign since 2006.

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