Pebble Smartwatch will be a worthwhile gadget: Here’s why

While Apple’s smartwatch is yet to hit the market, Pebble has made a mature product in this regard. Pebble Smartwatch has made decent inroads and the latest software update provides system wide notifications.

Unboxing the Pebble Smartwatch is a pretty simple task and consists of the watch and the USB cable attachment. Apart from this, there is a user manual on how to set things up.

The SmartWatch is available in multiple colors such as grey, jet black and arctic white. The jet black color is a personal favorite among many users and provides a stylish look. Apart from this, the arctic white is also a decent option.

Check out unboxing video:

The dimensions of the smartwatch are small and thankfully are easy on the eyes when you wear it. The interface is big enough to be noticed and not overly large to be regarded as fashion abhorrence.

The wrist strap has been made of rubber and is pretty durable. Some users may find rubber irritating to the skin, so this is one area where Pebble should improve. The strap is replaceable so that problem can be catered to.

The setup procedure for the smartwatch is a bit tedious. The steps have to be done in a linear manner. If not done in a sequential manner, the installation would be converted to a recovery loop. It isn’t the most difficult setups, but surely isn’t a plug and play as well.

After the installation is complete, the remainder experience is pretty enjoyable. This is where Pebble begins to show its prowess, the functionality. The display is e-ink based and is similar to that of Amazon’s Kindle. The benefit of such a display is that it can read within the sun light and the battery life is prolonged as well.

The Pebble Smartwatch serves a good conduit to gather information from your smartphone. Receiving your text message notification, tweet alerts and other notifications on the watch is a big convenience.

The basic advantages revolve around the watches’ ability to sync notifications from smartphone without having to take out your smartphone all the times. That’s a big plus during activities such as running and driving.

At $149, Pebble Smartwatch may seem a bit overpriced but the functionality is pretty much well established.

For more information or ordering it , please visit Pebble SmartWatch official website. Also you can buy it from Amazon here.


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