OS X Mavericks detects motion through light sensor to prevent sleep mode

There’s some code in the latest Mac OS, OS X Mavericks, whcih resets the time when motion is detected by the computer. Mac users were concerned that this may mean that the iSight camera is watching around the clock, and they started tweeting about it.
However, there’s no need to worry as it turns out. The code utilizes the light sensor at the left of the iSight camera and it uses the changes in the light for movement detection. The code was first brought into the limelight by Radiantlabs Moshen Chen.
In 10.9 Mavericks, your iSight camera is always watching you. Movement changes idle time w/ CGEventSourceSecondsSinceLastEventType. WTH.
According to The Verge:
“The sensor is already used to adjust screen brightness to ambient light, but the new OS puts it to a different purpose, tracking changes in the light as “movement,” and resetting idle time accordingly.Verge tests confirmed this on two separate Mavericks laptops: after covering the camera but not the light sensor, we were able to delay sleep mode by changing the ambient lighting conditions.”
Setting time for when the Mac should go to sleep after consideration of physical interaction like mouse movement or keyboard typing has always been a useable option for Mac users, but Mavericks increases the accuracy of the feature.
@schwa @paranoidroid I have a 2010 MBA with no keyboard backlight and can confirm your readme edit: Without a light sensor, nothing happens.
OS X Mavericks was released on 22nd October, and is available as a free download.

(via iDB)


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