New iPad Mini With Retina Display Now Available For Order

Still waiting to purchase Apple's new iPad Mini with Retina display ? Well it looks like you will have to head to Apple web store to start ordering it, because Apple has just announced that its new iPad Mini with retina display is available for order.

The highly anticipated tablet just went on sale, starting at $399. The move has caught both tech pundits and consumers off guard, as up until now, Apple has maintained that the new mini’s launch date would be ‘later in November.’ Well, Christmas came early this year…

As you can see from this screenshot, early reports of limited inventory were spot-on. Instead of being available immediately, most models show 5-10 day shipping times, with just two showing 1-3 days.

So shipping may take a few days, but not a long time of course.. Remember the tablets number is limit so better to hurry before it is over. 

Have you ordered your new iPad yet ?


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