New iOS 8 concept keeps the UI fairly minimal

It has only been few weeks since the release of iOS 7, and already, many are looking forward to iOS 8. The iOS 7 was indeed the biggest redesign since the original iOS, but there’s still a lot that can be improved in terms of design and functionality.

And that was what Sangam Bhandari might have been thinking because he has imagined what the iOS 8 is going to look like. It’s designed keeping Jony Ive and Apple in mind.

The imagined concept shows a new idea for the home screen that offers far more functionality than what is offered in iOS 7. Bhandari removes the one-dimensional home screen and adds his own elements.

The NC and Control Center present a lot of information. It looks like most of the necessities, email, phone, messages etc. can be referred to from the home screen directly. Perhaps the notifications can be used directly without the need to open an app. The good thing is that the user interface has been kept minimal despite all that goes on.

We think it’s a pretty awesome attempt. What about you? Or was it too early to give a go to iOS 8?

(Source: Behance, via: CultOfMac)


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