Little Genius and Apple’s dominance

There is an interesting episode that happened recently with Arden Hayes, the famed trivia child from South California. Who would think that Apple would be getting a nod from a 5 year old?

Well, Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently had Arden appearing in it. The kid is a trivia prodigy of sorts has shown his vast information bank on U.S. presidents. Viewers and media have dubbed Arden as the little genius.

The interesting incident that happened on the episode was that the kid was offered a free Sony Xperia tablet, which the kid refused. Why? To quote him, ‘We’re just planning to get an iPad for Christmas.’ Apple couldn’t have asked for a better moment. With a large viewership of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show, the story is making rounds on social media and elsewhere.

Here's the video:

Arden has been making a number of appearances, with programs showcasing the child’s amazing repertoire of stats and trivia related to American Presidents. For a 5 year old, it is nothing short of extraordinary. In his achievements, he can name all the U.S presidents, all 44 of them! In addition to this, he knows the famed historical Gettysburg Address of Lincoln by heart.

An enjoyable trivia bit is that the kid shares his birthday (30 January) with none other than F.D Roosevelt.
Imagine the glee of Apple marketing campaigners when they heard the kid preferring their product over others.

As for the iPad, some grown-ups could learn a lot from Arden.
So what do you think guys ?


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