Latest iPhone 6 Concept Video Depicts A Wraparound/ 3 Sided Display

With the release of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, iPhone 6 concepts have already started coming in. The latest among the lot comes from Iskander Utebayey, who offers a series of renders that depict a three sided display of what Apple’s 2014 release could look like.

The images show a wraparound display, which is there to allow for controls to be fixed on both sides. As for the form factor, it has a striking resemblance to the current flagship model, indicating that the designer doesn’t think Apple needs to do too much there.

However, this might just be too true to be released next year. We know that Apple is filing patents for liquid metal and 3d printing, but a wraparound display is too soon at the moment… But it might come later considering that Samsung is planning a Galaxy device with a three sided display. We just love the controls on the side, and imagine what you would be able to do in the place where just volume buttons were present before.

Here's the video: 

Here's some screenshots:
What do you think of this 3D rendering? Feel free to leave comments.


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