LastPass gets makeover for iOS 7

The iCloud Keychain helps in the syncing of web passwords but it has a shortcoming in the sense that it doesn’t support secure notes and folders. 1Password is another option with a diverse functionality but the app costs $17.99, and may not be a popular choice.

An ideal free alternative exists in the form of LastPass and it has recently gotten a pretty decent makeover for iOS 7.

The makeovers are not only about the aesthetic appeal but also the functionality. It now has a browser interface through which you can automatically log into sites such as Facebook and eBay.

In addition the browser interface, there is also a multi tab support. It also gives the option of printing via AirPrint. Apart from this you can manage your passwords within the app, fill form data and also generate new passwords.

On the security front, the LastPass has a Host Proof hosting method using which no one can access your data.

On an extension from, there is also the LastPass Tab Browser app. Using this app, it is possible to integrate different accounts. It also to sync with the LastPass Wallet which gives you the additional functionality of managing credit card information, secure notes, photo capture, audio recordings, etc.

The graphical display is mostly optimized for the iPhone 5, 5S and 5C but the binary support is universal for other iDevices running on iOS 5 and onwards.

The best bit about LastPass is that it is not restricted to one platform and can be used on OS X, Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Linux platforms as well.

With its iOS 7 makeover, LastPass has evolved as a must use app for users who are need a one stop solution for managing their passwords and related security aspects.

Why use LastPass ? Check this video: 

There’s also the free LastPass Tab Browser app which combines a full-featured tab browser for the iPad with LastPass integration allowing you to manage your existing accounts and something called LastPass Wallet to manage your credit card information, jot down secure notes, capture photos, record voice clips and more.


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