iWatch to feature 1.3 inch display for women and 1.7 inch display for men

DisplaySearch has a verdict on the iWatch, saying that it will come in two different sizes to carter males and females separately. For men, its purported have a display of 1.7 inches, while for women, the display size is said to be 1.3 inches.

DisplaySearch’s VP of China Market, David Hsieh, was mentioned by The Korea Herald, who said in Taiwan mentioning Apple sources that OLED is going to be the male:
It is yet to be confirmed whether the displays will be flexible but sources said it was a possibility, since Apple will want to upstage Samsung’s Galaxy Gear.
Displaysearch also said that Apple is giving priority to the wearable device project:
It appears that Apple’s long-rumored TV plans, which were far from concrete anyway, have been put on hold again, possibly to be replaced by a rollout of wearable devices. 
OLED is more efficient than IPS LCD display on iDevices and Macs. It is also lighter and thinner in weight, so it will just be perfect for an iWatch. The OLED screen also has a higher contrast ratio in low light conditions.

Apple also recently hired OLED display expert, and it was also reported that Apple was nearing an OLED deal with LG Display very seen. Apple also filed a patent recently titled ‘Organic light diode having photodiodes’. And back in July, Apple hired Yves Saint Lauren Paul Deneve to work on special projects.

However, Apple was previously reported of being working on a 1.5 inch display, so this latest report might be a miss or a hit. Ming-Chi Kuo has called second half of 2014 as the release date. 


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