iPhone Thief Sends 1000 Contacts Information To The Owner

Can an iPhone thief be called a thoughtful individual? Yes, according to some media sources, pointing out a Chinese thief who took out a phone from a man’s pocket during a shared ride in the taxi.

He however is being considered as kind because he wrote 11 pages of 1000 contacts stored in the owner’s phone and mailed them to the owner.

Here’s the scoop from Xinhua, courtesy of Yahoo News:
“A Chinese thief painstakingly wrote out 11 pages of telephone numbers from a stolen iPhone and sent them to the owner, state media said Monday.

The pickpocket is believed to have taken the Apple handset from Zou Bin when they shared a taxi, the Xinhua news agency said.
Zou had nearly 1,000 contact numbers in the device and with no backup copy — like millions of other people around the world — he was more concerned about losing the data than the phone itself, it added.”
Mr. Bin told the thief that he was aware that the person behind him was the one who stole the phone, and that he would find him easily. He also advised to send back the phone to the stated address.

Bin also asked the offender to look at the industry he was working in, which suggested that he had connections with various members of the gang. After several days, Bin received his SIM and 11 pages of contact information. Chinese internet users are full of praise for the thief. ‘The conscience of the theft industry’; his label. 


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