iPhone 5s 8MP camera beats Nokia Lumia 41MP camera

When it comes to boasting about megapixels, a lot of companies have outdone marketing campaigns, with most of them claiming with new handset releases that they have integrated the best camera inside.

The same was the case when Nokia Lumia 1020 was released, and one of the major selling points of the handset was the 41MP camera. Consumers bought a lot of units just based on this notion that there is no better camera available than 41MP of Lumia 1020.

However, today’s report is going to come as a shock to everyone, especially those who have bought the Nokia device. Turns out that iPhone 5s, with its 8 MP camera, has outdone the 41MP camera of the Lumia 1020. This statement was made by the guys over at Laptop Mag, who carried a shootout using both the devices.

In the photo head to head, iPhone 5s comprehensively beat the Nokia Lumia 1020, with just a single time and winning 7 out of 10 rounds. Even after the Lumia’s camera was updated with the camera software, the iPhone 5s camera outdid its competitor in terms of contrast, detail and color delivery.

The whole shootout is available at the LaptopMap site.


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