iPad Air usage is 5 times more than iPad 4 and 3 times more than iPad Mini!

We have previously covered several reports that showcase how the iPad Air is far better than the iPad 4, and now there’s more to add. Now Fiksu is reporting that compared to iPad 4, the iPad Air is 5 times ahead in usage only two days after launch, and 3 times ahead in usage compared to the iPad mini. 

This statement was made because iPad 4 had an activity of 0.14% after the opening weekend while the iPad mini had an activity of 0.21% after the opening weekend. The combined usage is of 0.35%.

However, the iPad air is showing 0.69% usage in the Fiksu network. The source also mentions the adoption rate of last year iPads through the year end. The data clearly shows that November was a period of slow growth, but Christmas saw a huge increase. If the iPad Air follows the upward trend from this point onwards, there will be little doubts over Tim Cook’s statement ‘It’s going to be an iPad Christmas’.

You can see more details from the chart above.

The iPad Air is doing well all around. Will it be an iPad Christmas for you?


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