iOS Devices Lead Ad Impressions; Accounts for 63%

The latest AdMetrics study from AdFonic Global for the third quarter of the year in progress reveals that iOS devices make up for 63% of ad impressions on all mobile platforms. Also, iPad ad impressions increased in the mentioned quarter compared to the previous in which they were 62%.

iPads continue to grow more than tablets. Tablets took 28% of all impressions in Q3, which is a two time increase from their share in fourth quarter of the last year. Apple’s iPad has further established its position through the market share.
Apple remained the strongest manufacturer by volume, with 63% of all global ad impressions. Furthermore, Apple also increased its share of global impressions against the ‘long tail’ of manufacturers - that is, all mobile device manufacturers other than Apple and Samsung.
Here's the chart:
 The report also revealed that iPhone had 35% ad impressions, iPad 21% and iPod Touch 6%. While iPhone had filled above half of the impressions, Samsung devices lead with eCPM and CTR figures.

Here's another one:

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