iOS 7 Update for Whatsapp (Video)

WhatsApp has been a popular app over the years. With the release of iOS 7, there have been indications of the app update and what the interface would look like. Some images have been shared on the web detailing on the update. However, the credibility of the images cannot be confirmed.

Apart from the images, there is a video on YouTube which details on the new update. It is a hands-on video that seems pretty credible. The video has been posted by a German user who goes by the name of ITRaidDe. The video basically covers the basic aspects of the new update and is worth a look.

The credibility of the video can be made on the account that it shows an app build number of The existing version number is 2.11.4 which is present in the App Store.

The video is nicely done and manages to cover all important aspects of the update. As far as features go, nothing major has been changed. The functionality tabs are nearly same to those present in the existing app. However, it does feature a dark keyboard.

The video is in German so German users can understand the updates in a better manner. The manner of exchanging texts as well as photos/video sharing remains pretty much the same.

An important update is that the new update would have a iOS 7 background refresh feature. The benefit is that the app content would be maintained up to date while running in background. As far as the functionality is concerned, there are chances that the new version would work only on iOS devices that the 7.0 version or higher than it.

The updated version of the app is expected to be available in the App Store before Black Friday.

So what do you think guys ? Looks good right ?


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