iFixit Gives New iPad Air The Teardown Treatment

From a few hours ago, we reported to you that iPad Air online order is now available and you can order it online from the Apple Store. Today the guys at iFixit have already ripped it apart. The teardown gives us a closeup look at the components inside the tablet.
We all know that Apple completely redesigned the new iPad Air making it more thinner (0.75 mm) lighter and more powerful than its predecessor. You’ll find photos of its A7 chip, 5mp camera and more after the fold…
The A7 chip has a part number of APL5698, which differs from the APL0698 chip found in the iPhone 5s. The Air’s processor is likely the 1.4GHz chip spotted in benchmark results earlier this week. And yes, the M7 is also on board.
That's not all ! The new iPad Air features a 32.9 Whr two-cell battery, which interestingly enough is smaller than the 43Whr three-cell battery found in the iPad 4. That Apple managed to keep the 10-hour battery life is a testament to the A7′s efficiency.
The Air utilizes a 5-megapixel iSight camera and 1.2mp FaceTime camera—both of which are very similar to their predecessors. There microphone placement has changed though, with both now found at the top of the tablet.

Amazing right ? iFixit gives the device a 2 out of 10 repairability rating, and you can read the rest of the teardown here.


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