iCloud KeyChain Setup and Sync Guide For iOS and Mac Users

iCloud KeyChain is available for iOS 7.0.3 and Mac OS X Mavericks, but if you haven’t set it up already, this is the post you should be reading. We’re going to share a guide on how to install it on all iDevices and Mac computer, as well as how to use the password-keeper across different devices.

Guide to set up iCloud Keychain on your iPhone: 

1. Head over to Settings – iCloud – Keychain
2. Turn the toggle to On.
3. Enter a four-digit code. This and the Apple ID password will come in handy later on.
4. After permission, enter a number to receive an SMS for activating a new device. We recommend using your iPhone.

Guide to sync devices with iCloud Keychain

Any iDevice or Mac can be synced with iCloud KeyChain along with the account password and integration.
For setting up in iOS, you can:

1. Head over to Settings – iCloud – Keychain
2. Turn the toggle to On.
3. Select ‘Approve with Security Code’ and use the four digit code that was created in the previous guide.
4. Now an SMS will be sent for the verification code, which will be of 6 digits. This might or might not happen, as some of you can just proceed with Apple ID credentials.

For setting up on OS X Mavericks, you can:

1. Head over to Apple Menu – System Preference – iCloud
2. Choose Keychain.
3. Enter a password or skip the step.
4. Enter Apple ID credentials.
5. Enter the four-digit code from the first guide.
6. An SMS will be sent to the specified phone number with a six-digit verification code. Enter it to proceed.
Syncing with Safari

The Safari sync will make sure that all the passwords, usernames and credit card info is saved for compatible website. And this information will be synced across different devices.

For doing this in case of Mobile Safari, you should:

1. Go to Settings – Safari – Passwords and AutoFill.
2. Select all the desired categories for the saving process.
For doing this in case of Desktop Safari, you should:
1. Launch the Safari browser, and choose Safari Menu – Preferences – AutoFill.
2. Select the desired categories for the saving process.
That’s it. All your information is now synced across Mac and iOS devices.

Do you use a password keychain app like 1Password? Will you switch now that Apple offers a similar service for free?


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