How to set your favorite song as your iPhone's alarm sound in iOS 7

iOS 7 spruced up the alarm option in the native clock app, bringing some new ringtones as well. However, some of you may feel that options are still limited, and if that’s the case, we’re going to show you how to add your own sound to the alarm. It’s quite simple to do, and this feature was also present in iOS 6 (will serve as a memory refresher for those who have an idea). 

Guide to modify the present alarm
  • Launch the clock app, and then from the icons, choose ‘Alarm’.
  • Select the ‘Edit’ button (present at the top left). 
  • Choose the desired alarm for the song and then tap ‘Sound > Songs > Pick a Song’ from the music list of your device. 
Guide to set up a new alarm
  • Launch the clock app and then from icons, choose ‘Alarm’. 
  • Now choose the + icon at the top right and set the recurrence, time as well as the label. 
  • Choose ‘Sounds > Songs > Pick a Song’ and select the desired song from music library. 
That’s it. You can now listen to different music whenever the alarm rings.

Do you use a third-party alarm app or utilize the native one?


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