How To Quickly Capture An Entire Web Page As An Image In OS X And Windows

Have you ever wanted to capture a web page on your computer with just one click ? Well sometimes people look for the best and quickest way to quickly capture any web page while they are surfing the web on any web browser like Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and etc...

If you are like me and want the best for yourself and for your browser, then I recommend using Awesome Screenshot. A browser extension available for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, Awesome Screenshot is the best way to quickly capture, annotate, and save a full image of a web page.
This is just a simple picture I've taken from website using Awesome Screenshot: Capture And Annotate extension for Chrome for Windows. 

Fortunately the application doesn't take pictures only, people love using it for archiving web pages, cropping, sharing annotated images, blurring out sensitive data, etc. The best thing about Awesome Screenshot is that it runs right in your browser, so it reduces the amount time that you need for a dedicated image editor.

Here's a quick video shows you how things work:

Anyone can run Awesome Screenshot, but you must have one of the following browsers: (Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox).

The next step is installing it on your browser by simple going to the Awesome Screenshot home page, and download it from there. The extension’s download page is smart enough to detect whatever browser you’re currently using, so all you have to do is click the blue button that says “Get Awesome Screenshot” to get started.

NOTE: Google Chrome users can quickly get it from Chrome Store, just make a quick search and the extension will appear to you. 

Clicking the Awesome Screenshot button will present two options: Capture Visible Part of Page, or Capture Entire Page. The most enticing option here, for me at least, is the Capture Entire Page. That’s because capturing the visible part of the page is very easy to do using built in OS level shortcut commands. You can use ⌘ + Shift + 4, or ⌘ + Shift + 3 to quickly take a screenshot. Granted, you don’t get the annotation that Awesome Screenshot offers, so it’s still worth using in that manner.

But the Capture Entire Page option is a wonderful way to grab the contents of an entire web page in image form with no compromises. It’s quick, efficient, and best of all, super easy to do. For me, it’s by far the best way to quickly grab a screenshot of an entire web page.
After you done from cropping the picture or blurring it or even typing a text, the application will save it on your computer's desktop as .PNG or .JPG image. That's it you are done. 

What do you use to satisfy your screenshot needs? Do you use Awesome Screenshot? Share your thoughts and experiences below.


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