How To Quickly Add Credit Card Information To iCloud Keychain

We recently told you step by step about setting up iCloud Keychain and syncing its information across different devices, and today we’re going to tell you how to add credit card for purchase later without entering credentials again.

There are two ways to do it; use Safari AutoFill or manually enter information. Here are guides on both.

Using AutoFill on iOS devices: 
1. Open Settings – Safari – Passwords and AutoFill
2. Switch ‘Credits Cards’ to On.
This will store information and sync with iCloud Keychain across all connected devices.

Using AutoFill on OS X Mavericks: 

1. Launch Safari browser
2. Go to menu bar and choose Safari – Preferences – AutoFill
3. Select ‘credit cards’ under ‘AutoFill Web Forms’.
Manually adding information to AutoFill on iOS 7: 

Step 1: Go to Settings > Safari > Passwords & AutoFill.

Step 2: Select “Saved Credit Cards.”

Step 3: Select “Add Credit Card.”

Step 4: Enter the cardholder name, the credit card number, the expiration date, and a description of the card, like a nickname. I have two Mastercards and I have a nickname for each one to help me remember what they are for.

Step 5: Tap “Done” in the upper right corner of the screen.

Note: Credit card information is only accessible on iOS devices after entering passcode.

Do you store credit card information this way? Feel free to leave comments.


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