Here’s how to use slow motion effects in iMovies with iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s can be used to make a video in slow motion, but editing that video can be a challenging process, especially for beginners. Thankfully Apple has eased the 120 FPS video because users can dial the speed of the video backward. This is going to reveal the motion footage in high quality.

This is done by importing the video made in slow motion to iMovie. Next, you can modify the video’s speed by choosing the clip that needs to be editing and entering ⌘+R on the keyboard. Doing so will bring up the speed editor toggle on or toggle off option.

The speed editor also occupies the timeline with a knob that can be used to adjust speed with the help of a drag gesture from the mouse. The other way to adjust the speed is to select turtle button on the timeline. The ideal percentage is 25 for the speed to show the effect in slow motion.

The final result can be exported or shared over social media. It will have the slow motion effect. You can use the same process for editing any video clip when shooting 120 FPS clips.

Here's a video (via iDB):

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