Google Gives YouTube Capture New Video Editing Features

Those who love editing their videos probably heard about YouTube Capture application for both iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch. YouTube Capture is Google’s dedicated iPhone and iPad app for recording and sharing video on YouTube, appears to have been on the back burner for a while because the last major update dates back to early-summer 2013, when the program gained support for YouTube accounts with multiple channels.
At any rate, today YouTube Capture version 2.0 is out and it allows user to pause and resume their recordings. That’s just scratching the surface though as the app now lets you combine and rearrange clips and even add a soundtrack.

I’m loving the new iOS 7-friendly app icon.
Using this application you will be able to rearrange individual clips, but I’m even more excited about the ability to combine my individual clips into a bigger video.

Here’s what’s new in YouTube Capture 2.0:

* Pause and resume recording
* Stitch together multiple clips into a seamless video
* Rearrange or trim individual clips
* Add a soundtrack from your music collection or Capture’s expanded audio library
* Major bug fixes and stability improvements
* iOS7 compatibility improvements

Download YouTube Capture free from the App Store.


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