Five Ways To Get More From The Dock In OS X

The greatness of the dock in OS X can’t be denied. However, we rarely do use it to its full potential. This post is all about how to get the most out the dock in the operating system.

There are several tips on offer, but first you need to go to dock preferences by selecting menu – Dock – Dock preferences.

And here is all that you can do:

I’m one of those people. I know that some like to completely disable the dock, skin the dock, or often use the ⌘ + Option + D command to hide it from view when not in use. I’m a bit different; I like to keep it looking stock, and generally like to keep it exposed.

The first thing is:

  • Turning off indicator lights
These lights let you see the apps that are open and inside the dock. However, apps should be present in the dock when they are frequently used, so indicator lights are not that necessary. Therefore you can just turn them off - won’t make a difference if you don’t keep random apps in the dock.

2. Windows minimizing: 

The option ‘minimize windows into an application icon’ should be enabled to provide a clutter free effect. This will minimize the apps into their app icons, making a cleaner overall UI.

3. Keep a balanced dock size

Don’t go overboard with a large dock, or reduce its size to an ant’s body. This is because the larger one becomes a barrier in app windows, while a smaller one may lead you to click on wrong apps. So keep it balanced.

4. Hide The Dock When Required: 

Earlier, I alluded to the fact that I don’t believe in hiding the dock, but there’s always room for compromise from time to time. If you’re like me and take a lot of screenshots or do video tutorials, then there are some situations where it might best if the dock is hidden.

Get familiar with the keyboard shortcut used to hide the dock: ⌘⌥D.

Those were just five ways that you can get more out of the dock in OS X. As you might have imagined, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

5- Keep The Most Used Apps Inside The Dock: 

Let me reiterate it for you: keep your dock clean and clutter free. Don’t stash every app that you might use once and a blue moon down there. Only keep that apps that you use every waking day. For any other app, just use LaunchPad, or your launcher of choice.

Wait for us for more tips and tricks for Apple and Mac OS X. 


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