Facebook’s Latest iOS App Version 6.7.1 Even Fails to Download

Facebook has been making improvements to its iOS app for the last few months. However, the app’s 6.7 version, supposed to bring additional languages support and new icons for sharing current activities for iPhone users and the ability to edit posts and see history for iPad users, is going through problems. It is primarily because of a large number of users trying to share their feelings.

Facebook then quickly released version 6.7.1, to solve the issue of crashing in version 6.7, but that even leads to further problems. The App Store is showing a warning ‘Unable to Download App’, and the download process has to be stopped and the app has to be deleted.

Facebook is expected to release another update pretty soon, but this would have been OK coming from a regular app development company… But it’s Facebook, shocking. Users have even taken their frustration on Twitter.

However, it can also be an App Store problem, because some users are reporting that Update All button in the Updates section of the app is causing it to download in normal state. This didn’t work at our end though.

So what about you ? Have you downloaded this new version of Facebook app on your iPhone ?

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