Facebook Reader Feature – Some Solid Evidence Discovered

A new screenshot shared by AllThingsD’s Mike Isaac suggests that Facebook is currently testing a feature that will let users save the shared links inside the social network. They will be independently kept in a list for later viewing.

His post note calls the feature similar to Instapaper and Pocket. It will take the shape of a small bookmark button inside the stories kept in the News Feed upon sharing. Clicking the button will place the link in the saved menu (available in the apps menu of a user account).

No Facebook official commented on the feature so far.

TechCrunch’s Darrell Etherington had more to say, after noting the saved links can’t be accessed offline::
When you see a link shared by your network in your news feed, you can click a small bookmark icon on the right side to save it to a list of saved links available from your apps menu. The feature is currently visible only to a small selection of Facebook users, as is common when the company rolls out new features.
Whether or not it gains wider release is up in the air, and while some features Facebook tests in this way do make it to the general population, many others do not.
The WSJ also reported in June that Facebook has been working on a feature called ‘Reader’ so that it can become a content delivery powerhouse as well. Isaac says that the internal screenshot was iteration, but the earlier efforts were that not easy to grasp.
The bottom line; a Facebook Reader might soon be a reality. Will you use it? 


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