Bill Gates Daughter Seen With iPhone

Both Apple and Microsoft now considered as the most famous manufacturers of smart devices, and everyone knows that both companies are fighting each other.Everyone is trying to make something of his smartphone. Microsoft is trying to rule the stores in the whole world, however this doesn't help.

Melinda Gates, wife of Bill Gates had given an interview to Radio 4 in the U.K. about Christmas morning in the Gates house. When she was asked whether her children asked for an Appleproduct during this Christmas, then she replied:
“of course they ask (for Apple gadgets)”.

“But they get Windows technology,” she added.

“The wealth from our family came from Microsoft so why would we invest in a competitor?”
This kind of reply makes it clear that a Windows family can never get an Apple gadget. From a long time Windows is trying to compete with iOS but this seem a bit difficult so far. Apple is rapidly improving its graph of popularity while Windows is still cooping up. After the huge success of iPad Mini and iPhone 5, it is now even more difficult to compete with Apple, to do so Windows have introduced Windows Phone 8 to beat Apple.

This response from Mrs.Gates was a bit unfair because in 2009, before Windows had launched its smartphones, Mrs.Gates once stated that she had been tempted by Apple products herself. She also mentioned in an interview to Vogue magazine that:
“Every now and then I look at my friends and say ‘Ooh, I wouldn’t mind having that iPhone’,”
But guess what ? The eldest daughter of the couple was also clicked with an iPhone, when she was in Sydney. Melinda Gates has always been credited for her massive support and love she has shown for her husband, who she married in 1994.
Hmm, interesting ! Life does not go on the form in which we expected. 

Mr Gates told The Telegraph he had written to and visited Steve Jobs, Apple's late CEO during his illness. He several times stated that:
“We spent literally hours reminiscing and talking about the future,” he said.
“I told Steve about how he should feel great about what he had done and the company he had built.
“There was no peace to make. We were not at war. We made great products, and competition was always a positive thing.”
So guys even Windows family need some new changes. 


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