Best Deal For iPhone 5s 16 GB - $99 from AT&T

If you were looking to buy a new iPhone this weekend, here’s something that you should know. AT&T is currently giving a 50% discount on iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. This implies that the prices go as low as $99.99 and $49.99 respectively.

Do keep in mind however that you need to bind yourself in a two-year contract with the carrier, and you get instant discounts, without requiring any coupons, gift cards etc.

The current prices are: iPhone 5s $99.99 (16 GB), iPhone 5c $49.99 (16 GB), iPhone 5c $99.99 (32 GB), iPhone 5 $49.99 (16 GB) – web only, iPhone 4s $0.49 (8 GB).

Also, the carrier is offering some refurbished devices, like the 64 GB iPhone 5 for $249.

This is perhaps the best iPhone 5s 16 GB deal at the moment, and added perks include a free 2-day shipping.

We expect more sales of handsets, iPads, accessories for Apple devices and other things to go on sale in the next couple of days as retailers, carriers and companies look to attract customers in advance of Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

Here’s a list of AT&T’s current iPhone deals:

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