Apple Now Hosts Video Trailers on The App Store

Wouldn't it be a nice thing to find a video trailer for the game you want to try on your iPhone ? Maybe instead of downloading the game on your device and then you find it a bad game, why don't you watch a video trailer for the game inside the App Store ?

In the above picture, there is a new recently released game called Clumsy Ninja, the game lets you to train your ninja teach him new tricks and moves, customise  him with suits and headbands and what not. Apple was quick to feature the game as Editor’s Choice and what’s really interesting is that the description includes a video trailer, a first for the App Store.

Kudos to MacStories editor Federico Viticci for spotting this first:
The big news is, of course, the fact that Apple is embedding a video in the App Store, which has historically only allowed developers to include up to five static screenshots for their apps.
Clumsy Ninja’s video opens the built-in iOS media player in portrait mode, and it features music playing in the background with no voiceover or custom App Store branding. It is, effectively, a game trailer on the App Store.
The game offers you to watch a video trailer for the game without even downloading the game, such feature will help many people who love to know everything about the game before downloading it on their devices.

But this is a very good move from Apple and I hope to see this feature available in all apps on the App Store.

The question is, will Apple allow other developers to embed promo footage along with the App Store screenshots?


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