Apple Named Number One Again By Forbes

Regardless of all the negatives and a drop in share price, Apple continues to be the world’s most valuable brand. And Forbes says that it’s worth almost twice more than the second most valuable brand.

Forbes, in the ranking of The World’s Most Valuable brands, valued Apple at $104.3 billion. This is far above Coca Cola and Microsoft, and an increase in 20% from 2012.

And here's the top 10 list:

The difference in advertising spending is also wide. Apple spends $10 million on average for every 1 million, while Samsung spends $149 million for every 1 million.

Also, Nokia, who have made an agreement to sell its mobile business sector to Apple, has now dropped to number 72 to on the list. And conditions are far worse for BlackBerry, who didn’t even make it in the top 100.

Half of the top 100 companies consist across 19 different entries are occupied by U.S. companies.

So what do you think guys


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