Apple makes Remote app for iOS 7 official

As expected, the new Remote app, redesigned for iOS 7, has been released by Apple. According to its description, the new version has been made to perfectly sync with the latest version of iTunes. You can now easily navigate through the library and check out the songs to be released with Up Next.

Moreover, you can add new songs to your iDevice and hear them from a PC, Apple TV, Mac or iTunes with just a few taps. Users can also use iCloud with iTunes Match for playback on Apple TV. So you can do a lot of things from any location inside your home. Controlling Apple TV has never been easier.

All listed features:
- See new songs with Up Next.
- Use Expanded View on iPad to see the songs.
- Control Apple TV and iTunes from anywhere.
- Add new songs and start from where you leave
- Control library in iTunes Match on Apple TV.
- Perform functions such as rewind and fast forward from any iDevice.
- See the entire library in ITunes.
- Send music to AirPlay and control speaker volume.
- Control Apple TV with gestures.
- Enter keyboard text.
- Supports iTunes 11.1
Remote app is free to download.


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