Apple Looks to Samsung to Ease iPad Mini with Retina Display Supply Issues

The love-hate relationship between Apple and Samsung continues. CNET is citing the report from Nikkei that Apple has gone to Samsung Display to solve the supply issues that may limit the quantity of the iPad Mini with Retina Display.

At the moment, Sharp and LG Display are the makers of the display panel, but it is being reported that that Sharp is undergoing low manufacture, and on the other hand, LG is even far away from producing full.

So Apple has been said to resort to Samsung. However, the report says that Samsung won’t be able to deliver a large quantity before 2014, and describes the shortages as more than what Apple settled for.
Tim Cook also said that it was unclear whether the company will have enough supply for the holiday quarter or otherwise. This statement came during the quarterly earnings call.
The iPad Mini with Retina Display is expected to go on sale on November 1st, while the sales for iPad Air have already started.

So what do you think guys ?  


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