Amazon’s App Received iOS 7 Update Before Black Friday

With Black Friday coming up, Amazon made an important update to its app for iPhone and iPad. The update has been made for iOS 7 and comes just at the right time, before the holidays to begin.

Black Friday usually marks a significant shopping weekend when it comes to the retailer market. The Amazon app provides complete access to its massive product range. The products available at Amazon range from electronics to clothes, depicting huge diversity. The ecommerce giant has updated its app so that iOS 7 users can use it for shopping.

Here's some screenshots from inside the app:

Now coming to the new ‘look’ of the app. It is pretty trendy and neatly done. The most important aspect is that the app makes it easy to navigate and search for items. The design is in sync with the white space look of iOS 7, so it is easy on the eyes too. The white space design trend has had a love hate association among iOS users, so those who like the design would like the app upgrade too.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, Amazon has also catered to some bugs in the previous version. With all these features, it is totally worth upgrading. The latest version is now available at the App store.

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