This is what the gold iPhone 5s was called within Apple

Do you really have a clue about what the gold iPhone 5s was named by Apple employees during production? Perhaps you can think for a few seconds, but we’re pretty sure that you’re unaware that it was called ‘The Kardashian Phone’. 

You heard that right! It was first reported by Nick Bilton from New York Times in a tweet that he heard that from a source within Apple. The story was later followed by TechCrunch, who also mentioned their own sources and mentioned that it was an internal joke rather than a code name for the device.

And if you’re wondering why Kim Kardashian’s name was used, BGR discovered last year that there was a company that used to anodize different iPhone colors, which also includes the gold one. After they used the service, the gold iPhone was sent to the celebrities friends of the source, with Kim Kardashian also on the list. Gold was the most popular color by a huge margin and Wiz Khalifa and Kim Kardashian also started posting pictures on the web and appear on TV with the device. 
I love my gold iPhone 5 by — thanks @boygenius
Kim has a black iPhone 5 in her hand, but the gold iPhone sealed the deal after release. Perhaps Kim was behind the inspiration of the gold color? Let’s believe that with a pinch of salt.


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