This is the reason behind Apple’s acquisition of Cue

Apple’s latest acquisition comes in the form of Cue, an app like Google Now. For those who are unaware, CEO Daniel Gross and CTO Robby Walker were the founders of Cue which was purchased for $50 million by Apple this week.

Now Cue is going to shut down because Apple has a new version in making. Customers who were using the ‘Pro version’ will get a refund. Apple also did this in case of Siri before its re-launch. But Cue is expected to be integrated into Siri.

Lifehacker once described Que iPhone app as a search engine for the data cloud put into a scheduled format. The app essentially globs cloud data from social media, email, contacts and other locations after approval of user permissions. Some of the services connection costs a subscription of $4.99 a month, while others can be unlocked by inviting other users to the service. The app then presents the data in the form of a ‘snapshot’ and notifications.

Moreover, Cue keeps information from variety of services at a single place. For example, calendar alerts will be given based on upcoming meetings, and the place where the meeting is set up. You can consider it the Google Now for iPhone even before Google Now was released by Google.

How Apple’s Acquisition will take the app to the next level.

Cue’s strength lies in its algorithm and the ability to organize and present information just like users want it, something that Apple will make the app do. While it may not be able to outdo Google Now, it’s a smart move by Apple. Furthermore, Apple can also deny functions to Google Services for iOS, so Siri may turn out to better in future than Google Now for iOS users, because they are the only ones with a choice.
Apple aims to use all aspects – hardware, software and services to provide the best experience.
And with the iWatch, Cue version of Siri can be one of the greatest applications ever made for the wearable gadget. Imagine how the watch will notify you about every notification and guide you throughout the day – indeed sounds like a dream. Google Now however will work on the iPhone or the Google Smartwatch.

iWatch is expected to be announced sometime next year, and Cue could greatly enhanced its sales capability. What do you think?


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