This Is How The iPad 5 Will Look In The Apple Store

Yesterday, we made predictions about the new iPads – iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 ahead of 22nd October, 2013 media event. A little recap on the larger iPad; it is expected to have a smaller device profile, a new outer shell, an A7X or A7 processor and maybe the Touch ID that was featured on the iPhone 5s.

Ahead of the event, renderings are also coming out for the next-gen larger iPad, with the latest one coming from the talented Martin Hajek who shows how the upcoming iPad 5 is going to look like inside the Apple Store.

He mentions the Apple-leakers from Australia, who can show iPad 5 (half-finished), iPad 5 Touch ID fingerprint sensor, iPad 5 parts, iPad 5 screen bezels, and so on, BUT what they are unable to show so far is that how the device is going to look like when it goes on sale at the Apple Store.
The renderings show the iPad 5 from different angles, and it indeed does look beautiful considering that it’s a 3D design. The creator has even listed a price tag for the 3D iPad 5 model. It is available for purchase at $30.
What do you think of the renderings?


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