This iPhone Basics Section On Offers Quick iOS 7 Tips

People who have downloaded iOS 7 on their devices probably think they are totally in a new different world of iOS, and that's a very normal thing for newer users. Many people keep asking me some questions about iOS 7 and what is the most important tips they should start with on their devices. Today Apple has just added a new iPhone basic section on it's official website which offers quick iOS 7 tips for newer users.

All of the articles available are iOS 7-specific, iOS-friendly and optimized for touch-based navigation. Regardless of whether you consider yourself a rookie or are Mr. Know-It-All, you’re advised to give iPhone Basics a visit and test your knowledge of iOS 7…

The new iPhone Basic section that Apple opened from a few hours gives you a useful and quick iOS 7 tips that most of you should know it before doing anything.

The carousel of thumbnails along the bottom offers a cherry-picked selection of tips concerning Apple’s stock and downloadable iOS 7 apps, like Messages, Settings, Camera, Find My iPhone and more.

Just tap (or click, depending on your platform) an icon to jump to the related tip.

When you choose a specific topic- the site presents the visitor with a knowledge base article, nicely reformatted for clarity and touch-based navigation.
If you tried to open the above section of iOS 7 tips on your iPhone or iPad, the layout will look very different and uncomfortable. 

That’s an odd thing to say for a vertically integrated company that prides itself with putting the user first and you’d be right to argue that is a testament to the firm’s inexperience and poor understanding of online services.

Below is a picture of iPhone basic section looks like on the iPhone: 
See the big different between on iPhone and on a computer ? 

That being said, I’d be willing to bet my shirt that the company is going to publish iPad Basics shortly after introducing the new iPads come October 22.

That’s not the only change to Apple’s website.

Eagle-eyed readers might have spotted the recently added iPhone 5s Tips and Tricks and iPhone 5c Tips and Tricks (below) sections detailing various tips concerning swipe gestures, photography, FaceTime, Siri, Calendar, Maps, Music, AirPlay, Mail, Safari, Compass and Find My iPhone.
So do you find iPhone basic section useful for you or not ? 


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