The Benchmark Hype Problem Has More To It Than Just Samsung - Report

Benchmark comparisons have come out strong since the release of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. However, some of the reports in the industry reveal that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is much faster than iDevices, but another statement that came out recently was that the results are artificial because Samsung is modifying the scores of the result.

AdnanTech, the authentic publication, posted a chart that shows that not only Samsung is inflating the benchmark results. The chart clearly shows how the manufacturers have modified the system.

The initial spark of controversy came when Apple’s Phil Schiller tweeted yesterday pointing out to ArsTechnica’s report that suggested that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 benchmark scores had been artificially inflated.

But according to AdnanTech’s report, they have had conversations with OEMs and silicon vendors to stop it, and apart from Motorola and Apple, all other OMEs is currently shipping and has shipped a device that is based on the CPU optimization what they term as ‘silly’.

And it’s a systematic problem that has been under the limelight during the past few years, and there’s more to it than just Samsung.

Most of the devices listed are Android devices, but there’s no mention of iDevices in the table.

So will you believe Benchmark results that portray Samsung and Android devices as superior?


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