Temple Run: Oz Now Available For Free For A Limited Time

Yes guys, Temple Run: Oz is one of the most popular endless gaming that most of you love to play on their Apple devices, most of you probably played Temple Run 1, Temple Run 2 but not of you played Temple Run: Oz.. So probably you will love the following news:

Today and in an unexpected move Apple has just made Temple Run: Oz the app of the week which means the app will be available for free for a limited time, and you can download it right now on your iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch without paying a cent.

I'm really a big fan of Temple Run game series, they always bring new characters, new awesome missions, power-ups and more... So I am very sure you are going to love this game.

A note from Apple:
A game for you. On us.
Temple Run: Oz is the exhilarating sequel to the classic game, based on the film Oz the Great and Powerful. In this game you’ll run, jump, fly and slide across the yellow brick road.

Download Temple Run: Oz for free today. And make sure you check back frequently to see what other games, apps, songs or books are available.
So right now all what you have to do is to open the App Store app from your iPhone and do a quick search on "Temple Run: Oz" the game will be available for free, just tap on the download button and you are done !

According to Apple, Temple Run: Oz will be available for free until November 15.

NOTE: The app will be available for free for all the countries after a few hours.. So if you still seeing Temple Run Oz available for $0.99, don't worry, try again after some hours until the deal reaches your country.

So have you downloaded Temple Run: Oz on your iPhone ? 


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