Steve Job’s Childhood house preserved as a historic site

San Jose Mercury News reports that Steve Job’s Palo Alto house, where the Apple co-founder spent most of his childhood from 7th grade, is now preserved as a historic site. Jobs also build the first Apple computer over there with Steve Wozniak. The property was unanimously added to historic resources by the Los Altos Historical Commission. 

The report says:
The vote is the culmination of a two-year effort by the commission to preserve the one-story, ranch-style home as it stands. Chairman Frank Bishop praised the work of his colleagues and city staff, which included extensive research and a property evaluation.
This house is going to be added to the Registry of Historic Places. Sapna Maratia, Commissioner, wrote this for the purpose:
These significant events took place at the subject property. 
Steve Jobs is considered a genius who blended technology and creativity to invent and market a product which dramatically changed many industries. His influence is expected to be felt by multiple generations forthcoming.
The property is currently owned by Patricia Jobs, Steve Job’s sister’, and the commission didn’t need to ask her about the decision, even though she can appeal. This site is also portrayed in 2013 Jobs biopic movie as well as Pirates of Silicon Valley as the birth place of first Apple computers.

The scene in both movies show Mike Markkula, the famous investor in the Silicon Valley, parking his car outside the garage door and being surprised that the startup that was being talked about was being operated from a garage door. But he still invested quarter million in the company and rest is in front of us.


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