Samsung fined $340,000 to fake negative comments about competition

Sites that talk about Apple were bombarded with hideous comments throughout last year, which lead FTC (Fair Trade Commission) to investigate Samsung’s tactics of hiring writers and some employees to talk negative about competition in comment sections of blogs and sites. Though the Korean smartphone marker stopped this activity, FTC has lately fined the company $340,000. 

While there’s no mention of Samsung on the FTC website, AP says that Samsung was involved in a campaign that violates fair trade rules, praising Samsung devices and trash talking HTC devices. The negative activities also involve removing negative reports about Samsung products according to The Verge.

Samsung was also fined at the start of 2013 about ads related to the camera features of Galaxy Y Duos. HTC may get little consolidation, after posting a loss in September after its share in the smartphone market dropped from 10.3% (in 2011 Q3) to 2.6% (in 2013 Q3).

However, there’s no mention of Samsung paying people to write negative about iPhone and other handsets. But it is likely that they were involved, considering the rivalry between the companies and the outcome of the anti-HTC campaign.

Samsung would think twice before engaging in such activity from now on. Perhaps… What do you think?


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