Reasons Why Apple’s Retina Display Outshines The Competition

Haters gonna hate… Apple is the number 1 brand in the world, and now it is also the owner of the most responsive smartphone display courtesy of the ‘Retina’. It’s no surprise that Retina Display offers a short response time on iDevices, and its faster than any of the gadgets screen in the markets.

The screen of iPhone 5 is faster, twice as much, than its competitors.

A series of TouchMark tests were recently carried out by Agawi to find out responsive touch times of Samsung Galaxy S4, Nokia Lumia 928, HTC One, Motorola Moto X, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. The results as shown in the chart above.

The chart shows the iPhone 5 display is twice more responsive than Galaxy S4, or any other Android phone, and 50% faster than iPhone 4. The lower numbers stand for better performance.
Since touchscreen hardware has significant latency itself, our best guess at Agawi is that Apple’s touchscreen hardware is better optimized or more sensitively calibrated for capturing and processing touch.
The reason why the screen of the iPhone is fast is because it runs on Objective C, which is snappier than Android’s CLR and Dalvik runtime.

This is perhaps the reason why iPhone continues to thrump competition based on responsiveness and response times.

The source says:
“the best written apps on iPhones will simply feel more responsive than similar apps on the current gen of Android devices”. 
 And the iPhone keyboard “generally feels better than the Android keyboard to many people,”
This also means the small lag that some users reported on the iPhone 5 touchscreen when fingers were moved in rapid successions was an issue.

Agwai also has integrated custom software algorithms with built Touchscope hardware. The kit is used to measure the time difference between the activation light sensitive resistor on the device and the force sensitive resister.

This new hardware also uses high frame rates to capture 240 frames per second footage. And also a special app that flashes in response to a touch pretty quickly.

“The apps contain minimal logic and use OpenGL/DirectX rendering to make sure the response is as quick as possible,”

Can you name any phone for responsive than the iPhone?


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