Prediction for Retina iPad mini and larger iPhone

A number of bold predictions have been expressed by DisplaySearch which is considered as a reputed source within the tech community. It has also been suggested that modifying the displays of iDevices is among the future product plans for Apple.

DisplaySearch which is a marketing research firm also supports the rumors that the new iPad mini would feature a Retina Display. The iPad is expected to be launched this month. Then, interestingly, it also agrees that the ‘larger iPhone screen’ is an actuality.

The assertion has been backed up with supply chain research. It indicates that Apple would be willing to revamp all of its product’s display in the coming year. This holds true for iPad, iPhone and MacBook Air.

The report is among the latest assertions that a larger iPhone is in the offing. Apart from this there have been close to a dozen other reports confirming this revamp. The reports only differ in how big the size is going to be. Most of the time, it hovers between 4.5 inches-6 inches. Whatever the exact size, the important thing to notice is that everyone seems to be convinced of the rumor that iPhone is indeed getting upsized.

Retina iPad mini is now nearly an assuredness of the display being changed. Also in the rumor mill are the AMOLED display for iWatch and a 4k display for iTV. However, as opposed to prediction for the display, these two seem a bit farfetched and mythical at this point.

The first litmus test for the rumor mill comes with the launch of the iPad Mini. Now it is just a matter of few weeks. Latest news indicates that the event is expected to be on October 22. Let’s see what confirmations lie ahead of us.


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