New YouTube 2.2.0 version brings video quality settings option to iOS (Wi-Fi only)

After updating its Maps application, Google has now also updated YouTube and added a new video quality option. The setting, that can only be modified when Wi-Fi is connection, is also accompanied by improvements in accessibility and compatibility. 

The latest update also brings YouTube to version 2.2.0. The iOS download from network carrier data is expected at 12.5 MB, and the new version is up for grabs free of cost on the App Store at this very moment.

After you have received this update, a new button in the form of ellipsis will appear at the top right corner when a video is played. That button can be used to open the Settings icon, which includes a cog. The cog can be selected to open the menu from quality, and this is where the user can tinker with the video quality settings.

On the other hand, YouTube can also be used just as it was before, with the app automatically adjusting quality settings for different videos. It’s a good update however as some jailbreak apps already gave this option, but this feature will be better than third party offerings. It would also be nice if this feature becomes available when the device is connected to cellular data.

Do you find this as a useful addition?


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