New video of MOGA Ace Power iPhone iOS 7 game controller!

Some of you may already know how Apple is working to encourage developers to release games with third-party game control support. This was also a major subject of Apple tech talks held across different countries.

Staying in line with the topic, TouchArcade has leaked a video that shows the MOGA Ace Power game controller for the iPhone.

The first image of the product leaked online last week. The gadget features a D-pad, one thumbstick and buttons towards the right and one thumbstick and D-pad towards the left. It also includes 1800 mAh battery.

The video shows nothing special apart from the L1/L2 as well as R1/R2 buttons that weren’t present in the leaks before. However, it is good to see the 3D design and the inclusion of an iPhone, which gives an idea about the size of the controller.

As for the price, it was initially suggested that the MOGA Ace Power for iPhone would be offered at the same rate as its Android version i.e. $59, but The Verge says that it will be offered for $99.

The controller is expected to be made available during November.

Are you looking forward to playing games with controllers? Feel free to leave comments.

(via TouchArcade)


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