New Screenies Of WhatsApp iOS 7 Update Leak

A lot of you probably know that a group of popular social apps received a huge update to support iOS 7 new design like Facebook, Twitter and more... While most of you know that WhatsApp is considered as the most popular cross-platform instant messaging solution – has yet to update its iPhone client with iOS 7 look and feel. 
Until now we don't know when the update of WhatsApp come, but it looks like we've got a leaked pictures from a Dutch blog called The above and below pictures were posted from two weeks ago. 

As you can see for yourself, the redesign focuses on the flattened application appearance that get rids of the clutter in favor of white spaces, layers and precise typography.

Hope they flatten the app icon, too.

All told, not much else can be gleaned about the software just by glancing at the screenshots so we’ll have to be patient until a WhatsApp refresh hits the App Store. For what it’s worth, the developer wrote on Twitter that it’s coming “soon”.

While its rival Viber is free, WhatsApp earlier this year decided to move to a subscription model: the app’s free during the first year, after which it’ll set you back $0.99 per year.

Download WhatsApp Messenger from the App Store now.

Two months ago, WhatsApp passed 300 million monthly active users. People now send eleven billion messages, receive twenty billion messages per day and share 325 million photos each day via WhatsApp, per official stats.
So what do you think guys ?


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