Microsoft: Touch Optimized Office Planed For iPad

I have a friend who is entering Factuality of Medicine, he always wanted to be a big doctor after some years.. Anyway yesterday he wanted to purchase a smart tablet device for his work at college, I told him to purchase the new iPad Mini because it is one of the greatest tablets that anyone can use it, but he asked me this question: "Does the iPad run Microsoft Office Suite ? In the past few months we've been hearing that Microsoft is working on bringing Office suite for iPad very soon.. Guess what is new ?

According to Steve Ballmer the CEO of Microsoft, he has just said that Apple's iPad will soon be home to a nifty touch-optimized Microsoft Office suite.

From a long time we've been hearing that Microsoft is working on Office suite for iPad and it was a very great news. But suddenly everyone went silent and we didn't hear any rumor or even a report from Microsoft until today.

Speaking at a Gartner event in Florida today, Ballmer said "iPad will be picked up when there's a touch first user interface." That touch first interface appears to be making its way to the Windows version of Office first, with the iPad edition to follow afterwards. Ballmer noted the touch first interface is "in progress." Microsoft has previously released an Office version for iPhone without support for the iPad, noting at the time that tablet users could make use of Office Web Apps in the browser instead.

According to The Verge

Microsoft teased touch-based versions of Office for Windows 8.1 earlier this year at the company's Build developer conference. A special "Metro-style" version of PowerPoint was shown, but Microsoft refused to commit to a release date.

Ballmer said that the touch first interface s now "in progress" but no time-frame for launch was given. For the time being, it also remains to be seen if Microsoft's Office for iPad app will mandate an Office 365 subscription (something iPhone users know all about.)

But I am really happy about these awesome news, a lot of people need Microsoft Office suite and my friend is one of them..

I think it is the correct time to show my friend these news, he will be very happy :)..


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