Meet the $199 iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c running Android

At the moment, there are no hotter phones in the market than the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. However, their price points are a bit too high, which may push users to look for other options. GooPhone from China, a company that sells knockoffs of Apple products, have now released ‘i5s’ and ‘i5c’, which may just offer enough to tempt consumers. 

Gold iPhone 5s has been very rare to find, with only a few managing to get a hold of it. However, GooPhone can let you get your hands on one, and fans say that knockoffs become better with the original Apple products.

The video below shows the gold iPhone 5s in action, which looks almost new. Please keep in mind that GooPhone i5s and i5c operates on Android Jelly Bean and a skin taken from iOS 7, but it looks the same exactly from outside.

The major feature of GooPhone i5s variant is that it even has a Touch ID there, even though it doesn’t work. But it does add icing to the physical experience. While these two handsets can never be considered replacements for iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, they are sure to tempt users, considering the price tag of $199. Both are available at

(via: GizChina)


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