iPhone 6 A8 chip: Samsung to cover just 30% of total production

It is already known that the new A7 chip that runs in the iPhone 5s, and is expected on one of the new iPads due next month, has been made by Samsung. Now a new report from the Korean daily newspaper Hankyung reveals that the A8 chip that Apple is expected to use in the next iPhone will also be manufactured by Samsung, but most of the production this time around will be handled by TSMC. 

In fact, according to the paper, 60-70 percent of the production is going to be handled by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., and the rest of it will be done by Samsung.

And despite reports revealing that TSMC would also be manufacturing the A7 chip that has already been released encased in the iPhone 5s, Chipworks went inside the iPhone 5s to reveal that the chip was manufactured by Samsung.

The Wall Street Journal had reported some time ago that the TMSC and Apple signed a deal to let the company product chips in 2014.

Looks like Apple is trying to remove any affiliation with its fiercest competitor. 

On a side note, Apple also became the number one brand in the world, beating Coca Cola and other companies.


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