iPhone 5s on top in US sales, with iPhone 5c following close

September marks a good month for Apple with the smartphone giant’s latest offing, iPhone 5S topping the selling charts. Not only 5S but 5C is among the top 3 list of smartphones being sold by major local carriers.

This marks the end of Samsung Galaxy’s S4 reign at the top, with iPhone 5S reporting record sales. The carriers include AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T Mobile.

Not only are the sales doing strong, but the backorders are also on the rise for both iPhone 5S and 5C. Apple reported that it was able to sell 9 million iPhones in the first weekend. The selling trend has remained upward bounds, as the demand is still high.

In the AT&T and Sprint rankings, iPhone 5S and 5C are comfortably placed at first and second. Both have pushed Samsung’s Galaxy S4 to 3rd position, after it spend a decent run at the top.

For Verizon sales, iPhone 5S has also overtaken Galaxy S4, but iPhone 5C is at third position replacing Motorola’s Droid MAXX. Similar trend was seen at T-Mobile, which is among the latest carriers to get the latest iPhone. 5S is enjoying top sales over S4 for T-Mobile too.

Many would say that the two new smartphones have given Apple a temporary edge over Samsung in the market. However, the performance of Note 3 cannot be underestimated. It may very well give a tough time to 5S and 5C. Samsung has also been in the news for a cheating allegation on its benchmark. Apple took full advantage of the news to promote its phones further.

With Apple and Samsung staying strong, other smartphone companies are showing lesser sales. Take HTC One for that matter whose sales are steady but very weak if compared with Apple and Samsung’s.


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