iPhone 5s has a bigger quantity compared to iPhone 5 last year

While most of us still wait to get our hands on the iPhone 5s, it’s even harder to get hold of the gold variant, which has been limited (pretty extremely) since being released. Does that mean the whole iPhone 5s lot is extremely limited in quantity? Not according to Piper-Jaffray’s new supply tracking data.

His findings reveal that the new iPhone 5s model is more convenient to discover compared to the iPhone 5 after 2 and half weeks of initial release. The analyst at Gene Munster conducted a survey and found out that every Apple Store had at least one space gray model of iPhone 5s in stock. This means there are more than 60 retail stores with the phone in stock, even though it may not be the desired one (the gold off course).

Munster says that’s a big achievement compared to the iPhone 5, which was not possible to find in the same time window after release in 2012. The firm says this may be due to the fact that the design of the 5s is similar to the iPhone 5, apart from the Touch ID sensor, which the firm applies as a ‘good job’ on Apple’s part.

If you’ve been unable to find the iPhone 5s, you may just need to look a bit further – you’ll find a piece there, at least the space gray one.

Is the iPhone 5s available at your nearest Apple Store outlet? Feel free to leave comments.


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