iPad mini gold and blue renderings

In the week that passed, there were a few leaked photos that portrayed the iPad mini 2 featuring a gold shell. The image, if there’s any authenticity to it, means that the new tablet will be offered in the same colors as Apple’s iPhone 5s. However, the images only showed the bottom of the device. 

Luckily Martin Hajek has released new concepts that let us imagine what the actual device will be like;

The mockup shows the gold iPad mini 2 alongside the gold iPhone 5s. The designer also says:
“I’ve been rendering the iPad mini 2 for a while now, even before certain Australian ‘leakers’ showed us that it would come in gold. The question that I asked myself is; will Apple follow a similar S / C strategy for the iPad (mini) as it has for the iPhone 5? In any case – nice to see such a colorful iPad mini!”
While supply side doesn’t show new colors for next-gen iPad mini, a WSJ report that surfaced earlier in the year suggested Apple does plan to do that. And Ming-Chi Kuo’s recent note that Apple may also release an A6 iPad mini version apart from a Retina iPad A7X version. The A6 version will be suitable for iPhone 5c colors. 

Well we can only speculate at the moment, the concept does look wonderful. More will be known when Apple releases the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 at the end of the month.



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